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Rebuilding Together Baltimore’s Handyman program is designed to provide a variety of home repairs for senior homeowners in the Govans community.  Specifically, this program seeks out homeowners who are age 60 and older.  The Handyman Program focuses on ensuring that each senior homeowner is living in a safe and healthy home.  Handyman projects will occur throughout the year as services are requested by homeowners who apply.   All services are free of any costs to the homeowner.  Handyman projects are assigned to a licensed handyman, as well as skilled volunteers who have gone through an orientation with the staff at Rebuilding Together Baltimore.  These projects may range from basic home safety modifications such as installing a hand rail or grab bar, but they may also include more involved repairs such as replacing windows or doors.


Highlighted in green on the map are the six neighborhoods eligible to receive services through the Handyman Program.

This program provides an excellent opportunity for handymen or handywomen to devote free time to working with senior homeowners in need. Because our Handyman contractor and volunteers are representing Rebuilding Together Baltimore, we do require quality repair work and a commitment to completing all projects that have been started.

To volunteer with the Handyman Program, please call 410-889-2710

Through the Handyman Program, RTB will work to ensure that our 14 safe and healthy housing principles are fulfilled. Those principles include the following:

  1. The homeowner has safe ingress and egress to the home.
  2. Rainwater is effectively directed away from the structure.
  3. Exterior walls have no gaps, cracks or holes larger than 1/8 inch.
  4. The numerals in the property’s street address are clearly visible from the street.
  5. A working smoke detector is on each floor and in or near each bedroom.
  6. A working CO detector is on each floor and in or near each bedroom.
  7. A currently dated class ABC fire extinguisher is available in or near the kitchen.
  8. Water heaters, furnaces and space heaters that produce CO exhaust outside.
  9. The homeowner has access to a working sink, toilet, and bathtub or shower.
  10. Modifications to toilets and tubs assist those who need help using the toilet or bathing.
  11. Grab bars are strategically placed for those at risk of falls.
  12. Stairs and steps have secure handrails that meet occupants’ needs.
  13. Main rooms and stairs are free of tripping hazards.
  14. Main rooms and stairs have adequate lighting for occupants to move about safely.

Senior applicants must be at or below the maximum income guidelines in order to eligible.

 Eligibility for the services through the Handyman Program demand that the senior also meet our income requirements (shown to the left).



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